A complete family ministry awaits you at East End. Listed below you will find all of the Ministries, and they are available to you and your family. If you would like to join a ministry or find out more information regarding these ministries, please contact us at

Our Ministries

Benevolence Ministry

This intimate ministry works for the sole purpose of ministering to members who are sick and shut-in, experiencing bereavement or trauma. We serve as a link to our members who are unable to attend regular church services. The Benevolence Ministry fellowships with members through prayers, songs, financial donations and words of encouragement. The Benevolence Ministry also establishes communication with families of our members and lets them know that someone cares. For a person to be effective in this ministry, a loving heart for the Lord and others is all that is required.

Christian Education Ministry

Praying, teaching, reading, sharing, encouraging, questioning, and interacting are just some of the words used to describe the Christian Education Ministry. Reverend Charles Joyner is the superintendent of our Sunday School  Department.  These classes are held each Sunday beginning at 9:45 AM,  and are designed to complement the worship services by providing an  environment that allows personal bonding with classmates and the Word of  God.  Each lesson serves as an integral part of a Christian’s diet,  creating balance and maintaining good spiritual health.  If you are  looking for a class suitable for you and/or your family, please contact  us at (252) 446-0320 or (252)985-4481. We will lead you in the right direction.

Correspondence Announcers

 Deaconess Suzette Miller and Sister Gwen Johnson are the primary Correspondence Announcers. It is their responsibility to compile all incoming correspondence, and the bulletin read during mid-morning worship experience. 

Deacon's Family Ministry

The Deacon’s Family Ministry is not an office of authority, but one of service. A man who agrees to serve as a deacon in a New Testament church agrees to be an example in spirit, love, devotion, and loyalty. The Deacon’s Family Ministry has six major responsibilities.

  1. To assist the Senior Pastor and ministries with ministering to the body.
  2. To assist the Church to build and maintain Christian Fellowship and unity.
  3. To serve as exemplary Christian leaders in the church and the community.
  4. To be diligent in visiting the sick and shut-in and visitors to pray with and for them.
  5. To maintain regular contact with each family, through visits and or phone calls, and to let them know that the deacons are available to them at any time. 
  6. Deacons pray for each other and the Pastor daily, and they are available to assist one another and the Pastor in the Church’s ministries. 

Deacon James Bartley is the chairman of this ministry.

Deaconess Family Ministry

The Mission of the East End Deaconess Ministry is to enhance the quality of lives through our service to God by ministering inside and outside of the walls of East End. We are also responsible for preparing the communion elements, dressing female candidates for baptism, and visiting the sick, especially the women. 

Deaconess Wilma Sweeney is chairperson of the Deaconess ministry.

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry will equip the East End Baptist Church family to build relationships and lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and develop a heart for those who don’t know Jesus Christ. You will also learn to share the gospel in your personal spheres of influence and make our ministry more evangelistic. At East End we understand our need for life-long equipping in evangelism. We will grow in personal evangelism by providing high quality outreach events and overcome barriers to sharing the gospel. 

Hospitality Ministry

Our Mission is to provide the warmest atmosphere possible for all members and guests. It has been said that first impressions makes lasting impressions, and we know that is true when a visitor comes to our church for the first time.

Our goal is to make every person who comes through the church doors feel like a part of our family at East End Baptist. If you are happy to be a part of the of the East End family, come and be a part of the Hospitality Ministry and help share the joy! 

“Welcome one another in the Lord with great joy” (NIV) Philippians 2:29a

Kitchen Ministry

The Kitchen ministry seeks to support the building of God’s kingdom through the exercising of gifts and talents of “down home” cooking as needed within the course of ministry efforts. 

Leadership Tribe Ministry

“And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelist; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:”      Eph. 4:11-12.

The Leadership Tribe Ministry emphasizes that salvation is a personal experience with God, and that it comes by personal faith in a personal saviour.

Tribe Organization Leaders are responsible for:
  • Attending all Tribe Organization Leaders's Meetings and keeping themselves and their tribes well informed of all current events within the ministry
  • Maintaining an updated list of active and inactive members, including telephone numbers and addresses 
  • Keeping all members within their tribe updated on all current events within the ministry
  • Informing members within their tribe of illnesses, death, etc. of other members in the tribe
  • Calling and mailing birthday, wedding anniversary, congratulatory cards, etc., to all members within their tribe
  • Arranging events for all members within their tribe for birthday and/or other celebrations as agreed upon by the tribe

Senior Pastor Mack E. Battle is the Coordinator of this Ministry.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry seeks to support the spreading the gospel through current audio technologies in an effort to equip the Saints for service and life in the kingdom of God. 

Contact Trustee Eugene Stokes if you would like to be a part of this ministry.

Men's Outreach Ministry

The purpose of the Men's Ministry is to initiate social, corporate fellowship among men including male youth, to facilitate growth and Godly character in every area of a man’s life. The Men's Ministry objective is to produce working men, men of the word, men of prayer and faith. This ministry is responsible for plans for an Annual Men’s Conference. 

Senior Pastor, Mack E. Battle, is the Director of this outreach ministry.

Missionary Ministry

The East End Missionary Ministry ministers to the sick and shut-in within the church, hospital, community and local rest homes on holidays. The missionaries share gifts and are commodities as needed. They also lead in worship and devotional service as needed. 

Music Ministry

God’s purpose for East End’s Music Ministry is for His gifts of the Spirit to be used to glorify the name of Jesus Christ. In using our God given talents, they give us a splendid picture of what would happen when the Saints of God are on one accord.  Sister Barbara Jerry is the Music Ministry Director.

East End’s Music Ministry consists of the following choirs:

  • Male Chorus:This is a male ensemble; these men participate in two-part singing and forums that nurture Christ-like characteristics. They lead in worship each 3rd Sunday at 11:00AM worship.   

  • East End Combined Choir:The East End Combined Choir is structured to demonstrate unity among all members of  the church with the "gift of song". This is the primary choir that ministers during worship services every Sunday except 3rd Sunday. They are also the  traveling choir that accompanies the Pastor during out of town engagements, special services at the church and throughout the City. Psalm 150:6 admonishes us to “let everything that has breath praise the Lord, praise ye the Lord.”  

New Members Connection Ministry

The purpose of the New Members Connection Ministry is to provide continuing Christian Education to people of all ages. This service ministry provides resources and programs to assist in the study of God’s Word. Bible Study classes, workshops, and special programs, designed to share the “Good News of Jesus Christ.” This includes Sunday school for all ages, bible study for all ages and special Christian Education classes for Christian growth and development. 

Senior Pastor Mack E. Battle is the Coordinator of this ministry.

Nurse's Ministry

The nurses of East End Baptist Church assist members individually and corporately in the effort to worship and live lives that are an offering of praise unto God. The mission of the Nurses Ministry is to serve with commitment and dedication. Their vision and purpose is to be of service to our Pastor and First Lady, to help wipe away tears of those that need comforting, to aide the waiting congregation, and to be of cheer to help with physical comfort and spiritual strength to those that stand in the need of prayer. To lift those that need lifting whatever the circumstance may be; for Christ said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me”. 

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry allows the family of East End to come together in unity because the family that "prays together stays together.” The prayers lift up supplications, partitions and earnest requests before the Lord, for the church community, surrounding areas and the world. 

Radio Ministry

The Radio Ministry assists in expanding the walls of East End to a worldwide audience searching for spiritual guidance and meaning. Whether the messages are heard from the pulpit, radio, television, video or the web, we play a vital role in the outreach of our church. Many of our tasks are behind the scenes, but we work ardently to provide quality audio to and for services and other church events.

Transportation Ministry

The purpose of the Transportation Ministry is to provide transportation for members and visitors to and from church services and activities as requested. Transportation services will also be provided to and from outside engagements as secured by the church and its ministries. 

Bro. James Johnson is the Director for this ministry.

Trustee Ministry

The Trustee Ministry shall, in accordance with the power of the Holy Spirit, collect, receive, process and deposit all tithes, offerings and contributions made to the East End Baptist Church for the purpose of achieving its mission goals. The Trustee Ministry assists the Senior Pastor in carrying out the Vision and Mission of the Church. The Trustees shall hold in trust the Church property and be responsible for the safekeeping of all legal documents. Trustees shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any property without a specific vote of the Church membership authorizing such action. The Trustees shall execute and deliver legal documents involving the sale, mortgage, purchase, or lease of property or other legal documents where the signatures of Trustees are required. 

Trustee Carolyn Cherry, Trustee Dorothy Lodge and Trustee Eugene Stokes

Ushers Ministry

The purpose of the Usher is that of doorkeeper and special assistant to the Pastor. The Usher sets the mood of the people as they enter the house of the Lord. They are courteous and kind, yet stern. They give a smile and a warm welcome to brighten each ones day. They also assist the Pastor in keeping good order and discipline in the house of God during service. They are watchful for those waling, talking, and being disorderly during service. This is a vital ministry to the people of God.

The Ushers duties consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Prepare the sanctuary for the reception of the congregation and guest
  • Hand out programs and literature to all as they arrive.
  • Direct all to their seats.
  • Direct the flow of traffic during offerings, administration of ordinances or other movements.
  • Provide special comfort as required (tissue, pillow, fan, etc.)
  • Provide special assistance during Alter Call.

Good ushers must have Christ-like minds with Christ-like ways, and are like a lamp on a stand, “not put under a bushel, but on a candlestick that giveth light unto all that are in the house.” (Matthew 5:15). The Usher must make “oneself a committee of one, to help one another” in fulfilling God’s plan of teaching and serving. 
Sis. Alice Davis is the Director of this ministry. 

Women's Ministry

Women’s Outreach Ministry is designed for the specific purpose of reaching, teaching, encouraging, equipping and unifying women; until we all attain oneness in faith, maturity in Jesus Christ, ready for every good work. This includes all female youth, single women, married women & senior women’s ministries. This ministry is also responsible for plans for an Annual Women’s Conference. 

Leading Lady, Deborah J. Battle, is the Director of this outreach ministry.

Youth Ministry

The purpose of the East End Youth Ministry is to lead young people to Jesus Christ, disciple them in their faith, to encourage them to take active roles in building and shaping their youth program, and to equip them for ministry and service. In addition to the spiritual programs, the Youth Ministry offers mentoring, choir, praise dance, youth Sunday school, bible study, vacation bible school, health education and travel.